Yoga has been a powerful and transformational practice in my life for over 25 years.  It has taught me to let go of competition and comparison, to embrace fullness of Presence, and to give myself time and space to explore what it means to be alive, to breathe, to move, and to feel.

The terms Yogameans Union‘ – and I feel that the union that occurs through the practice is both personal and universal.  We unite all aspects of ourselves Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. And we unite the Spark of Life within us with the Spark of Life that is in all, and that is the Essence of the Divine.

I have explored various styles of Yoga from Integral to Kundalini, from Iyengar to Ashtanga, from Moksha to Kripalu.  The style I love best and that is expressed most in my classes is called Essence Awakening Yoga, and it is a combination of essential elements from the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini traditions. I completed my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in 2004 at the Nosara Yoga Institute in  Costa Rica where the focus was on Interdisciplinary Yoga a mix of Hatha, Kripalu, and Power Yoga.

Lori Myles Carullo  Yoga

Breath is life.  Prana is everything. Each posture is a portal into an awareness of physical sensation, an expanded possibility of thought & belief, an opening into full heart space, and a gift for the soul.

Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica





This foundational 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training offers you a unique and powerful opportunity to prepare to lead Yoga as you draw from essential elements of the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga traditions. Within the course of our 26 days together in the Prana Paradise of Mystica Lodge in the heart of Costa Rica, you will have the chance to dive deep into your personal practice and experience of Yoga while also benefiting from the various elements of the course that will awaken and nurture your connection to your True Self the Love that is the Essence of who you really are.

So often in life, we become overwhelmed with stresses and traumas, both big and small. Our vital Prana (Life Energy) often gets blocked, stuck, and/or frozen. From this state of being, our channels of energy function at a low capacity, manifesting in  various ways such as anxiety, depression, addictions, low self-esteem/confidence, relationship struggles, dis-ease, and a general lack of purpose, meaning, and motivation.

The Essence of Yoga we will explore in depth during this training includes Meditation (mind training), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (physical postures), Vinyasa (movement flow linked with breath), Deep Relaxation Techniques, Chanting (raising vibration), and Kriyas (purifying rituals & actions). All of these elements from the Yoga tradition work together to liberate our energies, leading us back to our breath, back to our True Selves, and back to our essential radiance and vitality.

The Essence Awakening 200 Hour intensive and inspiring Yoga Teacher Training is for you if:

you feel called to become certified as a skilled, compassionate, and heart-centered Registered Yoga Teacher and/or you are ready to deeply commit to your personal growth and evolution through the sacred practice of Yoga through this special time of Tropical Yoga Immersion.

Your Yoga Teacher Training will be deeply enriched by the magical surroundings. Mystica Lodge is a gem in Costa Rica – a beautiful Prana Paradise in which to be immersed in your powerful Yoga experience. Each accommodation has its own private bathroom, and all rooms either have a wonderful view of the majestic Arenal Lake and Volcano or of the jungle forest and flowing river.

Within the course, most days are quite full with practice and lectures, however there will also be some down time each day, as well as days off after each of the 3 main modalities: Liberation, Transformation, and Empowered Creation. During your free time you can book a relaxing massage or Reiki session in Mystica’s healing tree-house, have a swim in the dipping pool, or walk the Mystic Star Labyrinth for calming inspiration.

To make the most of your days off, you might take a trip to the healing Hot springs by the Arenal Volcano, hike to the Blue Waterfall (Rio Celeste) in the Tenorio National Park, or take a trip to the beautiful beach at Playa Hermosa.

When you participate in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program, you will:

Be guided through daily experience to develop a personal Sadhana (spiritual practice) that includes meditation, pranayama, Universal prayer, gentle awakening Yoga, and chanting

Learn the Essentials of Yogic history, philosophy, and unitive psychology

Gain a practical understanding of the foundational sacred text of Hatha Yoga: Patanjalis Yoga Sutras including the 8-limbed Yogic path (Ashtanga)

Have an opportunity to learn in-depth about the Core Asanas from the Hatha tradition (forward bends, standing poses, hip openers & twists, back bends, inversions, core strength, balances, and advanced poses) this will include postural alignment, cues for effective leading, and helpful, safe hands-on-assists for specific postures

Learn about Essential Breath and how to guide Pranayama exercises from both the Hatha and Kundalini traditions

Find your Inner Teacher Voice’ – learning to guide Yoga with wisdom and love, using your unique manner of expression

Explore the main systems of the body (ie. respiratory, circulatory, digestive, musculo-skeletal, etc.) along with transformational anatomy & physiology as it pertains to Yoga

Learn the essentials of Yoga Energetics: Chakras (wheels of life energy), Vayus (expressions of energy), Meridians (channels of energy), and Bandhas (internal energetic engagements)

Be introduced to the power of Kundalini and how to awaken and nourish this energy through breath-work, chanting, physical exercises, meditations, and purifying rituals/actions

Learn the Ethics of being a Yoga teacher along with the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance for RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers)

Explore the foundational principles of Yin, Restorative, and Pre-Natal Yoga

Create and lead a 60 minute Practicum Essence Awakening Yogaclass, receiving valuable support and feedback and by the lead and assistant trainers.

Upon successful completion of this holistic and transformational program, you will qualify to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the international certifying board, Yoga Alliance.

Purify and refine your Life Force Vibration through Essence Awakening Yoga, and step into your life in a way that helps you manifest radiant wellness and the realization of your hearts greatest desires and dreams. Prepare yourself to Serve from Love.

Please contact Lori at for more information and to save your spot in this unique and powerful Tropical Yoga Immersion experience.



The REAL Retreat @ Mystica, Costa Rica

March 22-29, 2018

Leaders: Duane & Catherine OKane and Lori Myles-Carullo

In this exclusive REAL Retreat, based on Duane & Catherine OKanes best-selling book REAL: The Power of Authentic Connection, we invite you to discover the JOY of being fully alive through authentic, vulnerable connection.

Depression, anxiety, mental and physical illness, low self-esteem, high divorce rates, and all the myriad ways we explain our pain are a result of a lack of authentic connection. We dont know how to truly connect, and the ways we go about attempting to do so often contribute to the problem.

We hide, pretend, and defend instead of being REAL. We are strategic instead of authentic.

During the REAL Retreat at Mystica, Lori Myles-Carullo will guide you daily in Essence Awakening Meditation and Yoga, helping you to release built-up tensions and stresses in the body & mind, and assisting you in connecting powerfully and lovingly with your True Self. These practices are based in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini traditions, and are suitable for all levels of experience.

Duane and Catherine OKane will be leading you in lectures and group processes during the retreat week. They will take you through an intimate journey using examples from their personal lives to illustrate how we get stuck, and how to move through our blocks. With great wisdom and compassion, they will assist you in correcting the self-limiting beliefs and feelings that lie at the root of your dilemmas. You will leave with practical tools to continue along this path of growth and awakening.

We will also journey as a group to the healing hot springs at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano, and hike to the magnificent Viento Fresco Waterfalls in the hills of north central Costa Rica.

Please email Lori at for more info and to reserve your spot in this unique and transformational retreat.


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