Yoga Nidra

‘Yoga Nidra’ is an incredible practice from the Yoga tradition that is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, training and relaxing the mind, settling the body into the healing & regenerative state, and assisting us in manifesting our most heart-felt intentions and desires.

Yoga Nidra literally means ‘Yogic sleep’ however during this lovingly guided experience, the mind is meant to remain clearly alert and awake while the body deeply relaxes and heals.
I created this particular Yoga Nidra for you following the 8 sequential stages outlined by Swami Satyananda.

Please take 20 minutes to yourself, lie down, and be led by my Voice into an experience that will bring great peace and healing to your entire Being.
It is a joy to gift this sacred practice to you.

I encourage you to work with the same ‘Sankalpa’ (positive statement of intention) for many months or even years to come. Welcome Yoga Nidra into your life in a consistent way and BE BLESSED.

You can play the audio below:

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