“Lori is a rare and beautiful spirit. A true earth angel whose love and truth shine so brightly you feel warm and uplifted in her wonderful presence. I feel blessed to know her as my healer, teacher and friend. She constantly amazes me with the depth of her knowledge, her compassion and her integrity. She holds a very special place in my life and I am forever grateful for her remarkable gifts and dedication to her path.”

~ Anne Ross, Toronto CANADA


“A healing session with Lori is so much more than just a massage or a Reiki. Her gentle and loving energy welcomes you openly. Walking into Lori’s healing treehouse, you know instantly that you are not a just client; you are the recipient of someone’s lifelong work and passion. She dedicates her entire being to expanding what she can bring you while you’re on the table. You feel the obvious differences (best massage EVER!), and you feel the subtle, less physical differences – all while being in a totally cool, magical and healing place.”

~ Tui Frye, Sabalito COSTA RICA


“Lori had planned every detail of our Yoga retreat at Mystica in February of 2015, and for me coming all the way from India, the Land of Yoga, it was something I really looked forward to! Lori is a woman with a divine soul, as she has studied the science and art of Yoga in depth and it shines through her.

I learnt my first lessons from her, the ‘Mystica Yoga Flow’ that healed me. I feel immensely privileged to have been introduced to the life regenerating benefits of Yoga as taught by Lori, and I now practice it daily and can feel the difference. When I close my eyes, my mind travels to Mystica and to Lori who remains my guide and guru. Peace and Joy.”

~ Anita Mathew, Goa, INDIA


“I attended the Mystica yoga retreat in Feb 2015. The experience completely surpassed all my expectations. Lori’s skill in leading was exceptional. She adapted the postures for everyones level (from novice to advanced). Perhaps the most important aspect was the spiritual dimension and healing which occurred. This was not just a fitness and stretching event! I would describe Lori as the hip Angelic Guru!! I came away feeling refreshed and enlightened with a strong desire to go more deeply into my Yoga.”

~ Robert Slatkoff, Laurentians, CANADA


“Lori is not only the supreme teacher of yoga teachers, but She is a MASTER healer with the heart of Love, the skill of a shaman, and the Light of One Touched and blessed by Divinity.”

~ Micki Grimland, Houston, USA


“I met Lori by chance at Mystica, chosen initially for the proximity to the kite surfing at Lake Arenal. With no previous knowledge or experience of yoga or Reiki, I decided to see what they were about as was already feeling the magic of this special place. I was in for a shock and was fortunate to have what I now see as enlightenment or an awakening, which was possible from the unconditional pure love which Lori emanates and her years of personal growth and experience. I will always hold a special place in my heart for my new dear friend who showed me ME.”


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