My first self-published book is called ‘Beauty’s Way: Inspiration on the Path of Awakening’.  Writing, editing, and moving toward publishing was an incredible journey of growth, courage, and big hearted sharing. ‘Beauty’s Way’ is an exposition on various vital aspects of life and how to uncover and create true beauty within them all.  Chapters include: ‘The Beauty of Awakening’, ‘The Beauty of Love’, ‘The Beauty of Grief’, and ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’.  

Beauty's Way by Lori Myles-Carullo - Inspiration on the Path of Awakening

A few passages from Beauty’s Way for you to enjoy:

“Awakening is a pervasive, archetypal leitmotif that runs through a variety of spiritual and psychological traditions. There is an undeniable, collective yearning for a peace and happiness that transcends what we know and experience in the messy drama of everyday life. For the most part, we seek to escape the pain of our realities through addictions and obsessions that lead us farther away from our ultimate goal of peace. What originally promises to offer us everything we could ever want or need in order to save us from pain, ends up causing even more suffering and does nothing to heal the original wound. Ah, the bittersweet symphony of life.”
(p. 19 – The Beauty of Awakening) 

“We can fly because we have wings made of hope and faith that can soar to heights and forever keep dreaming.  We have feet that ground us to the earth, reminding us to be humble and to walk mindfully on our unique life path. And we have tender, awakening hearts that with every pulse urge us to dare to love and be loved with greater and greater capacity. Freedom is always awake, alive, and beautiful in our midst.”
(p.82 – The Beauty of Freedom)

“Grief, stripped bare, needs no specific conditions for its existence. It simply is. The magnitute of another’s tragedy does not diminish the grief each of us might experience inside. Sometimes it has a cause that we are well aware of, and other times grief simply shows up and asks to be given its due space…  My grief was big, as big as my love.  I believe that is the very essence of beauty in grief – that it is based in love.  If we didn’t love, we wouldn’t grieve. Grief is the organic expression of love when loss of any kind is experienced. And when love is offered to the grief, it need not be feared, denied, repressed, or made to feel ashamed. Grief is a natural, full-being expression of love that takes its time, that has its own rhythm, pace, and texture. Grief allowed, respected, and made space for is grief endured, healed, and made beautiful.”
(p. 119 & p. 132 – The Beauty of Grief)

You can order your copy of Beauty’s Way through Balboa Press or on Amazon.

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